The Loggia

Starting May 6 – Lawrence Weiner

About the Loggia

La Loggiais a display project imagined during the second period of prolonged closing of cultural sites. 

Awaiting the reopening of the Collection Lambert exhibition spaces to the public, this visible decompression chamber becomes of a new kind of indoor/outdoor space, a new way to share the experience of art. 

Because the digital cannot be the only means of encountering art until cultural sites reopen, every fifteen days the museum window on the rue Violette offers a new artistic proposition based upon works from the Collection Lambert. 

Each of these exhibitions/capsules allows the public to see the artists of the Collection Lambert under a new light, to discover yet unseen artworks, and to let themselves be guided serenely by the innovative propositions of the mediation team. 

For many artists, everything began with the window display. Before showing their work in galleries, the luxury department store Bonwit Teller & Co gave Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, and Robert Rauschenberg storefront space to show their work. 

Today, the museum window provides us with a new site for play and experimentation, and the start of a new relationship with the artworks, public space, and the public, during this time of closure.  

The artists: Marcel Broodthaers, Robert Combas, Nan Goldin, Douglas Gordon, Tatsuo Ishida, On Kawara, Louise Lawler, la Micro-école Inspire, Les Chapelles de Vence, Allan McCollum, Jonathan Monk, amongst others…

La Loggia #6 – Bruce Nauman

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La Loggia #5 – Allan McCollum

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La Loggia #4 – Nan Goldin

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La Loggia #3 – Tatsuo Ishida

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La Loggia #2 – Marcel Broodthaers

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La Loggia #1 – Jonathan Monk

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