A unique place

The buildings that house The Lambert Collection, placed at its disposal by the City of Avignon, have an exceptionally rich heritage. Two beautiful mansions, the Hôtel de Caumont and Hôtel de Montfaucon, built in the 18th century by Jean-Baptiste Franque, have been remarkably renovated by Rudy Ricciotti and the brothers Cyrille and Laurent Berger respectively to meet the needs of the museum.

Hôtel of Caumont

Joseph de Seytres Lord of Verquieres-en-Provence and the Marquis de Caumont ask to see the plans of a hotel to Jean-Baptiste Franque, famous architect of Avignon. The foundations are known in 1720, then they are interrupted and do not finish until 1751. The department of Vaucluse acquires this hotel in 1878, which becomes a gendarmerie barracks, a university of letters, and finally, after having ceded at the City of Avignon, a museum of contemporary art in 2000. The Hôtel of Caumont, which was intended to house The Lambert Collection since its opening in 2000, now displays a selection from the museum’s permanent collections throughout the year and has two pedagogical spaces surrounding a beautiful courtyard with a restaurant.

Hôtel of Montfaucon

The lord of Costebelle, then the Duke of Galeans-Gadagne asked the same architect, Jean-Baptiste Franque to build a mansion, whose work began in 1751. The building has hosted for many years the School of Art of Avignon, before becoming a museum in 2015. The Lambert Collection regularly stages temporary exhibitions that shed new light on the production of well-known artists or showcase the work of younger artists. Exhibitions also take place outside the walls of the museum. The exhibition cycle is enriched on a daily basis by an accessible yet challenging cultural program, with events held in the auditorium as well as in certain gallery rooms.

The Hôtel of Montfaucon, which was renovated for the Collection in 2015, houses temporary exhibitions, the museum bookshop and a 150-seat auditorium.