School & groups

After a guided tour of the exhibitions, the students are led to produce a production directly linked to a work discovered together. According to the chosen work, the students are led to put into practice different techniques of contemporary creation: photo, video, drawing, painting, performance …
Two spaces located at the heart of the exhibition route are dedicated to these workshops, stimulating imagination and creation.


A day at the Collection Lambert
A 1.5 hour visit followed by a 2 hour workshop
Duration 5h (lunch break included)
Price: € 7 per student

A morning or an afternoon at the Collection
A short 30 min visit followed by a 1.5 hour workshop
Duration 2h
Price: € 5 per student
Free for accompanying adults


Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle school, High school, University and post-bac
Tiphanie Romain
Diane Haudiquet

All reservations must be made and confirmed by the public service beforehand.

POSCA & the Collection Lambert

Discover the creations of the Fripons

School & groups

Specific projects

Specific projects for classes are developed each year in close collaboration with teachers. Each project is unique and explores various areas of creation—visual arts, dance, music, etc.  The museum’s Public Relations Department works with the Interdisciplinary Practices teaching program. The museum is also part of the French Education…