The artist of the week / The collectors have the floor

– Prune Nourry, Imbalanced Head #12001, 2018

“From Prune Nourry, I knew the performances of Babies domestics and Procreative Dinners, already relatively old. Then I forgot it a little. It is thanks to a happy coincidence, due to one of my children who wanted us to visit the Guimet museum that Prune Nourry appeared to me as essential among the artists of her generation. This work was perfectly integrated into the works of the museum, going from gigantic to multiple, from humor to questioning.”

Prune Nourry, Imbalanced Head #12001, 2018

“I was on the lookout – like any compulsive collector of a possible work to acquire. I saw multiple ones until I came across this one: strange, intriguing, disturbing, striking with these suction cups causing cranial blisters on the head of an impassive woman, without particular affect, resigned, motionless transparent. Too transparent not to hide some secret? I was shaken, moved, refrigerated and fascinated.”

Texts extracted from the exhibition catalog “Collecting in the 21st century, From their time (6)”

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