Neon Bible

10 feb. – 18 may 2008

Following on from Candice Breitz’s exhibition essentially composed of video installations and immense photographs, the idea appealed to us to present an ensemble of artworks in the succession of great spaces on the ground floor in reference to one of the fathers of Minimal art, Bruce Nauman, the Collection Lambert possesses numerous works on paper and a series of photographs by the artist. Like Candice Breitz, we were also inspired by musical references, the title “Neon Bible” is borrowed from Canadian rock band Arcade Fire.
The hanging of the show is articulated around neon like a mini-exhibition, with three neons by Jonathan Monk associated with sculptures, collages or drawings, with two neons by Kendell Geers, placed in relation to the installation of batons in heart-shape form that was especially made for the preceding exhibition, a neon by David Shrigley links with works on paper and a video animation, two neons by Bethan Huws in reference to the Readymades of Marcel Duchamp, a neon by Claude Lévêque Pluie pourrie (Dirty Rain) is placed opposite an image of a prefabricated house Prêt à crever (Ready to Die) and finally an enigmatic neon by Loris Gréaud Illusion is a Revolutionary Weapon that should absolutely not be plugged in : the artist has replaced the fluorescent gas for neons with propane gas, quite simply deadly… But just beside the work he offers fluorescent sweets with an illusion of taste!