From South to North. The great migration of black Americans seen by the painter Jacob Lawrence

In partnership with the National Institute of Art History

23th january 2020

SPEAKER: DANIEL SOUTIF (art critic, curator)

Presented in 1941 by the young African-American painter Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000) The Migration Series (originally The Migration of the Negro) evokes in 60 canvas prints the greatest displacement of population of the XXth century, that of black Americans fleeing racial conditions from the South for a North supposedly more welcoming. Immediately acquired by the MoMA (even numbers) and the Phillips Collection (odd numbers), this work is one of the masterpieces of African American art.

Biography / Bibliography:

Associate of philosophy and art critic, Daniel Soutif approached a great diversity of subjects during the various activities which he exerted, in particular as editor-in-chief of the Notebooks of the national museum of modern art (from 1990 to 1994 ), director of cultural development at the Center Pompidou (from 1993 to 2001), or at the head of the Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci de Prato (Italy). An independent curator since 2006, he notably designed the LE TEMP, VITE! at the Center Center Pompidou (2000) or LE SIECLE DU JAZZ at the musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac (2009).

Author of numerous catalog prefaces, he also edited Nelson Goodman and the languages of art, (Paris, Center Pompidou, 1991) and L’Art du XXe siècle 1939-2002. From modern art to contemporary art (Paris, Citadelles and Mazenod, 2005). He is also the author and director of documentaries. “

“Philosopher and art critic, Daniel Soutif published Papiers journal. Chroniques d’art, 1981-1992 (Éd. Jacqueline Chambon, 1994), Voyages immobiles (Éd. Le Passeur, 1994), L’Art du XXesiècle. From modern to contemporary art (Citadelles and Mazenod, 2005), Le Siècle du jazz (Flammarion, “Exhibition catalog”, 2009). “

NAJA 21:
“Daniel Soutif, philosopher, art critic, was director of cultural development at the Center Pompidou from 1993 to 2001 and head of the Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci in Prato (Italy). He was notably the curator of the exhibitions Le Temps, vite! In 2000 at the Center Pompidou or Le Siècle du jazz at the musée du quai Branly in 2009. “


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