Voyage dans ma collection, Antoine de Galbert

In partnership with SensoProjekt

Voyage dans ma collection, Antoine de Galbert, Real. Alyssa Verbizh, 52 min., Terra-Luna Films (Anne Morien), with the participation of Cinaps TV, Vosges Télévisions and the CNC, France, 2014.

Voyage dans ma collection is filmed on the occasion of the exhibition showing Antoine de Galbert’s collection at La maison rouge during the summer of 2014. Filming a large section of this collection as Antoine de Galbert exhibits it on the 10th anniversary of his Foundation, reporting on the mounting of the exhibition, and upstream, the stall of the works coming from the private places of residence of the collector, this is what gives all its consistency and which lifts the veil on the intimate of the approach of an art lover. Of course, it was important for the director, Alyssa Verbizh, to restore the uncompromising bias that Antoine de Galbert had adopted to expose everything he has “that hangs on the wall” (paint or two-dimensional, to some exceptions) side by side on 200 linear meters, without taking into account styles, eras, techniques. Instead, software is used that records the sizes and inventory numbers of the works from which the parts are ordered according to what one might call an “established organization”. The film therefore documents us on this random and original rule which is taken, and shows us through an organized prism, the scale of this vast collection at first sight very heterogeneous as it covers an important cartography, extended periods and various styles (raw art, primitive art and contemporary art). Basically, the order that would prevail at the display of the works is neutralized to the benefit of making each of them speak according to a personal approach (apart from artistic values ​​and trends). What is obviously the wish of the collector, is also an appreciable way of giving a certain perspective to this set of 1,200 works of art subjected to arbitrariness – or in other words, backwards from the process of hazard.

Alyssa Verbizh (1978, Aut), author of numerous art documentaries and children’s short stories. In 2002, she produced with her sister Myrha Verbizh, the film Bouroullec and Bouroullec broadcast on France 2 and France 5. She will continue by producing short portraits of artists commissioned by Suzanne Pagé (Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris ), but also by the Vuitton Foundation and the MAC / VAL. She will participate in the show L’art et la manner launched by ARTE in 2005 – with documentaries on Mona Hatoum, Vincent Lamouroux, Thomas Hirschhorn, Adel Abidin in particular. Recently, she directed the film The world of Hervé di Rosa about this atypical artist, collector and inventor of a new territory “modest art”.

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