The new scarf of the Collection

Nathalie Du Pasquier 

Impression sur twill de soie, ourlets roulottés à la main

Dimensions 70 x 70 cm
Edition limitée sur 200 exemplaires
Prix : 180 €

Made from an original gouache by the artist, Nathalie Du Pasquier’s scarf is printed in 200 copies on a 70 x 70 cm square of silk twill by Punto Seta.

Based in Como and renowned in the fashion and art world, Punto Seta has been producing all the artist’s scarves in the Lambert Collection for over ten years now. From Cy Twombly to Sol LeWitt, including Miquel Barceló, they have all been very successful and are all exhausted.

This unique object can just as easily be worn as a fashion accessory or framed between two glasses like a limited edition work on fabric.

It is sold in a hand-mounted, cardboard bell box printed with the iconic Lambert Collection logo. A small label specifies the number of the scarf and the manufacturing technique.

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