The naked truth of painting. Around the Dream of Frantisek Kupka

In partnership with the National Institute of Art History

SPEAKERS: PASCAL ROUSSEAU (Professor at the University of Paris 1)

Around 1906-1909, the artist Frantisek Kupka, to whom the Grand Palais recently devoted an important retrospective, painted a work entitled Le Rêve. The artist shows himself naked there alongside his wife, with a transparent lining of the couple at the top, bathed in a sequence of colored shots.

We will see how this work illustrates the role of reverie in anticipation of the abstract becoming of painting. Under theosophical influence, Kupka painted an idealized future which we will show that he is largely indebted to the anarchist thought of the artist and his taste for the telepathic becoming of the species. Or how the choice of non-figurative painting meant for Kupka the end of the “big lie” of art in the absolute transparency of consciences.

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Découvrez également l’ouvrage “Le rêve de Kupka” issu de cette conférence qui vient de sortir aux presses de l’INHA : ICI