Painting is dead, long live painting!

Painting masterpieces from the Yvon Lambert Donation

July 1st – October 15th, 2023

The exhibition presents a wide selection of paintings from the exceptional collection housed in Avignon.

Through artworks created in the last 60 years by the great names of contemporary art – Sol LeWitt, Robert Ryman, Niele Toroni, Brice Marden, Agnes Martin, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Anselm Kiefer, Miquel Barcelo, Robert Combas, Enzo Cucchi, Julian Schnabel ou Jean Charles Blais – the exhibition renders an account of the major upheavals in painting’s recent history. Declared dead in the 1960s when conceptual and minimal art took centre stage, painting made a staggering comeback in the 1980s, and is now once again an unavoidable medium.

Although Yvon Lambert has been one of the great promoters of the new avant-gardes in the 1960s (conceptual, minimal, land art), and later of photography, videos and installations, it interesting to note that painting appears in his collection like a common thread, bringing together some of the most emblematic works in the history of contemporary art.

With the support of CNAP.

Exhibition curator: Stéphane Ibars

The artists: Miquel Barceló, Robert Barry, Jean-Michel Basquiat, James Bishop, Jean Charles Blais, Robert Combas, Enzo Cucchi, Louis Jammes, Anselm Kiefer, Bertrand Lavier, Loïc Le Groumellec, Robert Mangold, Brice Marden, Agnes Martin, Olivier Mosset, Edda Renouf, Robert Ryman, Julian Schnabel, Richard Serra, Niele Toroni.