Francesco Vezzoli

Le Lacrime Dei Poeti – Sculptures by Francesco Vezzoli, in dialogue with works by Louise Lawler, Giulio Paolini and Cy Twombly

March 2 – June 10, 2019

Eternal Kiss

Conceived with the artist, the exhibition Francesco Vezzoli, Le Lacrime dei poeti features a group of about twenty of his recent sculptures, some created especially for Avignon, in dialogue with series of emblematic works by Cy Twombly, Giulio Paolini and Louise Lawler, all visibly influenced by mythology and classicism.Through the sensitive, unique dialogues with the classical heritage that such radical gestures create, through Francesco Vezzoli’s works – consisting of ancient sculptures bought in auction houses for his transformation, rearrangement and completion – it is not only a question of observing how different generations of artists confront the history of art and mythology, but also of sketching the outlines of the very notion of the contemporary in art.