A Normal Working Day

Various Days

July 1 – September 22, 2019

Alongside “Nirvana” (performance included in the Sélection suisse en Avignon), the Collection Lambert has invited “A Normal Working Day” to occupy its various basement spaces. Blending the extravagant sensuality of Delgado Fuchs with the poetic precision of the electromechanical installations of Zimoun, “Various Days” locates being in appearing and vice versa, and questions uniqueness, individuality, and identity. The work is an immersive experience and rewards a sharp eye. While the mass effect is undeniable, meaning is also hidden in the details.

The work originated when three artists in neighboring studios began probing what constituted their “normal working day.” This led Marco Delgado, Nadine Fuchs, and Zimoun to form the collective “A Normal Working Day.” The trio’s platform is interactive and brings together visual and performing arts in seductive parades, mischievous disguises and cross-dressing, and disincarnated plastic bodies. The characters become images, icons, actors of their own metamorphosis. This means incorporating bodies in entirely orchestrated visual systems, creating a motif that invades the space via various and often unexpected supports. A spectacular multiplication, as seductive as it is disquieting.