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Adult Visits

During this unique period with its new public health rules, the Collection Lambert has decided to rethink how it presents its exhibitions by offering its visitors digital tools that give them an additional way to enjoy the museum.

Of course, nothing can replace direct contact and the experience of a guided tour with a docent. We will continue to facilitate this precious exchange with our visitors.

Interactive PDFs can be downloaded from our “Adult Visits” and “Family Visits” pages. You can either explore the content by artist or download the entire tour. These documents offer an audio narrative and multimedia links visitors can use as they move through the museum. They may also choose to listen beforehand, in preparation for their visit, or afterwards, to better understand and appreciate the artists and their works.

In the exhibition rooms, you’ll also find QR codes you can read with your Smartphone, providing audio commentary for adults and families.

To ensure a quiet environment for everyone, we recommend that you bring your own headphones.

Enjoy your visit!

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