Eva Hesse

In partnership with SensoProjeckt / Projection

28th november 2019


Eva Hesse, by Marcie Begleiter, Zeitgeist Films (Karen Shapiro), Arte Germany, English-German, VOSTF, 108 min., USA, Germany, 2016 – French subtitling produced by SensoProjekt with the help of Scam.

In her film about the artist Eva Hesse (1936-1970) who fled Germany to the USA at the end of the 30s, Marcie Belgeiter touches on the intimate of the work of this painter then, sculptor who died prematurely . His diary, the meeting with his sister, the words of his father, those of the artist Tom Doyle who was once her husband, of Sol LeWitt his confidant, of the art critic Lucy Lippard are all sources that nourish and punctuate the film. Doubt and confusion are followed by the conviction and assiduity of this young female artist. An increasingly physical character seizes his creative approach so personal to the point of leaving the canvas in favor of flexible and flexible materials (fiberglass, plastic, latex). From this gesture will be born a shapeless, post-minimalist and essential sculpture from the period of the 60s and 70s which are generously documented here. Thanks to the director’s deep sensitivity, it is not only a page of post-1945 art history that unfolds before our eyes but also a creative process riveted to an essential aesthetic posture when hearing Eva Hesse pronounce these words: Life doesn’t last, and art doesn’t last!


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