2018 – 2020

Initiated in January 2018 and approved by the French Education Ministry, the educational project Egeiro is aimed at getting the children of Avignon involved in the life of a cultural and contemporary art institution, whether they attend schools within the city’s ramparts or outside them.
Since today’s children will be tomorrow’s decision-makers, it is crucial to give them a taste for art and culture in general so that they grow up to be free, responsible citizens. By regularly visiting cultural spaces and developing a connection with them, these children will be able to shape tomorrow’s world.
To promote this, the Collection Lambert made it possible for classes in three Avignon primary schools, including two with priority status, to build a long-term link with the heritage of their city through visits to the museum’s collections and temporary exhibitions and through interaction with artists involved in contemporary creation.

For an entire school year, artists from the exhibition programming (Djamel Tatah and Arthur Novak in 2018, Stéphanie Brossard in 2019) were invited to work with students.
Dance was given a central role within the project through multiple visits by the choreographer Thierry Thieû Niang and the dancer and visual artist Fabien Almakiewicz.
The musician Georges Cabassi accompanied the children during the various dance gatherings.
The filmmaker Arny Berry captured all aspects of the project, from the shyness of the initial sessions to the moments where each child revealed his or her creativity.
Students from special education classes or priority schools discovered that age, school performance and sociocultural background didn’t matter in this space. Egeiro enabled children to reinvent themselves, together, through art. In this way they built a new space for creativity, where a child could develop interests, create, and grow throughout the year alongside a younger or older child who didn’t necessarily live in the same neighborhood or learn in the same school.
Teachers involved in the project had the opportunity to include Egeiro in the Artistic and Cultural Education Program that they conducted with their classes.
The Egeiro project was also part of extra-curricular activities.
As a result, the Avignon mayor’s office provided transportation for all the students who went to the museum every week.
The regional organization Arts Vivants en Vaucluse also played an important role in the project by funding some of the dancers who worked with the children.
To give each child a chance to show family and friends what he or she learned, this cycle of gatherings and workshops culminated each year with a performance open to the public, within the museum or at one of the city’s heritage sites.