Commented tours

Guided tours of the exhibitions mainly take the form of exchange and discussions between the docents and the students.
The works are presented in a clear and simple way, with reference to popular culture that students will be familiar with. They can express themselves freely and become full participants in the learning process.
For the youngest students, each visit includes several short periods for drawing in proximity to the works. The necessary supplies are provided (sketch pads and colored pencils).
A pre-visit can be organized beforehand with the teacher.


Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the students
€2 per student (preschool to high school) + €10 docent’s fee
€4 per student (post-secondary) + €10 docent’s fee
Free for teachers and chaperons


Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle school, High school, University and post-bac
Tiphanie Romain
Diane Haudiquet

All reservations must be made and confirmed by the public service beforehand.