“3 days, 3 places, a travel diary” – DAAC initiative

“3 days, 3 places, a travel diary” is an initiative of the DAAC (regional delegation for artistic education and cultural action).

Its goal is to raise children’s awareness of contemporary art in a simple way, mainly through the resources of the Collection Lambert, but also through other nearby art spaces in Avignon such as the Saint Louis Cloister during the Art Walk and the Musée Calvet.

In 1-2-3 fashion, the itinerary passes through these locations in the center of Avignon and finishes up in the Collection Lambert workshop with children making their own “travel diary.”

This year, the journey ended with a confinement order. What a strange trip! How can the travelers continue the adventure at home?

Eléonore Dadoit Cousin, our coordinating teacher, has a short video to conclude this session. It will help your students give shape to the various impressions they were able to record.

Let’s head to the workshop!

Feel free to send photos of your student’s work to: t.romain@collectionlambert.com