L comme Lambert

Playground Program

25 September 2021 – 23 January 2022

Playground is understood as an experimental and game programme applied to the different ways to consider the exhibition of a collection. With reference to some radical practices of the exhibition in the 1980s, we are exploring the idea that new aesthetic relationships and new visions could arise from the arbitrariness of unusual – sometimes absurd – rules to share an ever-living collection. Each exhibition becomes a situation in which the artists invite themselves as if they broke in and whose artworks build up unprecedented relationships.

The L in Lambert here becomes one of these coats of arms we admire on the facades of Roman palaces and invents a family of artists entirely created by the coincidence of the spelling of names. It carries the possibility to discover the essence of a new understanding of things. As a tribute to the Letterists and to Isidore Isou, whose one of the rare manuscripts Yvon Lambert preserves, L turns into a genuine signifier concept whose presence ghostly pervades the layout of the artworks in the exhibition.

Artists :

Detanico & Lain, David Lamelas, Jo Lansley & Helen Bendon, Bertrand Lavier, Louise Lawler, Loïc le Groumellec, Quentin Lefranc, Zoe Leonard, Ruven Levav, Richard Long.