Quentin Lefranc

And finally, starting all over again


20 February – 22 May 2022

Quentin Lefranc, Bivouac, 2020 © Quentin Lefranc

Quentin Lefranc, Vitruvio, 2021 © Quentin Lefranc

Quentin Lefranc, Huis clos, 2021 

© Quentin Lefranc

Quentin Lefranc, Office, Action : statique, 2021 

Photographie sur papier baryté

© Quentin Lefranc 

Quentin Lefranc, Dos au paysage (extrait), 2015 – 2022 

© Quentin Lefranc

Quentin Lefranc, Dos au paysage, 2016 

© Ronan Le Creurer

Quentin Lefranc, Giardino, 2019 © Quentin Lefranc

Following Théo Mercier and Stéphanie Brossard, Quentin Lefranc invests the programme Rendez-vous, sous-sol and the rooms dedicated to it. As part of his research residency at the Collection Lambert, the artist has produced a series of unprecedented works where the brutal dimension of radical and strict architectural forms transforms according to the spaces and the assemblies to integrate natural elements – real or represented – that recall the hallucinatory stories in Vermilion Sands by J.G. Ballard peppered with living metal sculptures endlessly regenerating and other sonic plants.

Each device stages a series of figures the artist draws from an index of common cultural references – enclosures, huts, islets, landscapes and sceneries or imaginary gardens – which he builds, transforms, distorts, according to the rooms and to the different combinations he is provided with.

This true “territory of the sculpture”, to quote the artist, owes as much to the principles of Renaissance architecture and painting as to the radical experiments of Minimalist and Conceptual Art. He questions their contemporary relevance through strange installations whose appearance sometimes uncompromising, sometimes precarious changes according to the principles of construction invented by their creator.

Each and every one of them is an invitation to redefine our relationship with the objects in presence and the spaces we inhabit in their company; to question the way our bodies and minds find themselves embarked in architectural devices that shape their existence.

Curator : Stéphane Ibars