Loris Gréaud + Yvon Lambert, BROCCOLI

The Collection revealed by its own artists 

05.06 – 01.08.2021

As part of the program conceived by Stéphane Ibars, La Collection mise à nu par ses artistes, même, Loris Gréaud was invited to create an exhibition of a selection of works from the Collection Lambert in the space of his choice. As an expression of the professional, friendly and complicit relationship that has bound them for nearly twenty years, Loris Gréaud returned this invitation to Yvon Lambert; a first strategy of the artist intended to sow confusion and to dissolve the status of the exhibition, of the works, of the collection, of the spaces of the institution and finally of the role of each one (the collector, the artist, the curator). Broccoli is a work in its own right, a space-time capsule that offers an experience which is both fluid and opaque, where works by Robert Ryman, Sol LeWitt, Brice Marden, Jean Prouvé and Loris Gréaud are replayed––some of which are revealed to the public for the first time.

Press release – BROCCOLI