Andres Serrano

La part maudite

18 nov. 2006 – 11 feb. 2007

The Collection Lambert presents the first ever monographic exhibition in France devoted to the work of US photographer Andres Serrano, featuring over 150 photographs, including 110 produced by the Moscow Museum of Photography.

Considered a controversial figure, Andres Serrano is unique in the world of international photography. Althoough the powerful way his work depicts the modern world is disturbing, it is also closely bound up with the history of art, in particular baroque painting. It is fascinating to look at his work through this dual prism: on the one hand, the disturbing face America shows to the rest of the world at the dawn of the new millennium; on the other hand, the great masters of the past whose darker side Serrano chooses to focus on: Titian, Delacroix, Tintoretto, Vélasquez, Goya, El Greco, Zurbarán, Géricault, Courbet and so on.