Bob Wilson In Situ

In partnership with SensoProjekt
Projection / Meeting

12th december 2019

SPEAKERS: PAULINE DE GRUNNE (film director) and MARIE MANDY (documentary filmmaker and active within SensoProjekt)

Bob Wilson In Situ, by Pauline De Grunne, Watermill Productions / Pauline de Grunne, English, VOSTF, 90 min., USA, 2016 – Editing: John Northrup. Music: Michael Galasso.

The purpose of the film Bob Wilson In Situ is not to document his extraordinary staging (which the Festival d’Avignon has received so much since Einstein on the Beach in 1976), but to show the creator struggling with another pharaonic enterprise , that of the Watermill Center (New York State). This Center for the Arts and Human Sciences, which Wilson developed as a creative laboratory mixing genres and cultures, opened its doors in 2006 after almost 20 years of hard work. Because the requirement of its designer and artist is maximum. And the means in this capitalist America but reluctant to subsidize even its most famous creators, do not rain. Theater and performance trainees spend many summers in this brownfield site on Long Island (east of New York) to ultimately clean, weed, build the building and its garden – as Wilson, as the contracting authority, wants clear, geometric and limpid like its scenographic projects. In other words, we see before our eyes the inexhaustible energy of the artist who expresses himself with the same desire, the same claim and always the same intractable character as in his stage creations. By capturing this colossal adventure, and thanks to a real cinematographic writing measuring the ramp-ups, this film reproduces an achievement that one could qualify as “meta-artistic” without concession, on the part of a rough artist, egocentric but generous!


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