Comics Trip !

Random, 2013 © Ludovic Combe

07 May 2020

SPEAKERS: STÉPHANE IBARS (Curator of the exhibition « Comics Trip ! ») and ABDELKADER BENCHAMMA (Artist)

As part of the comic book year, the Lambert Collection is organizing an exhibition called COMICS TRIP! in which are questioned the links maintained by the artists with the aesthetics of Comics and narrative drawing as well as the dialogues established with certain comic book authors with radical practice.

The exhibition shows how, since the 1960s, several generations of artists have deconstructed our relationships with taste by abolishing the boundaries between the disciplines of great art and popular cultures, by developing an aesthetic based on gestures nourished by differences. rents subcultures and countercultures from comics, comics and more generally from narrative drawing.

But if the most established contemporary art has been able to accommodate these different works, the comic strip itself has also become the playground for radical authors who, by turning away from the traditional devices of the discipline and in particular by avoiding commercial data, have produced unique works which have also contributed to the porosity of the forms and spaces dedicated to them.


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